On Our Way to the Future

  • 15/9/05 September

    Digitall Is Established To Serve Global Technology Innovators

    Digitall came to be in September 2005 as a result of committed individuals with resources who decided to pool their efforts to make the world better by forming, and then expanding, a holding company to make key decisions from a larger perspective. With emerging trends in technology designed to improve life, it seemed a natural move to create a connected network of global companies committed to the same vision.



    Julie Hegebottom has been chosen to be the CEO, given her broad range of experience and mature perspective. She has positioned Digitall to be a service organization that supports our companies in doing what they do even better.

  • 3/10/05 October

    Digital Announces First Network Company

    As of October 3, 2005, Responsible Home Brokers is the first official customer company of Digitall. Located in Los Angeles, Responsible Home Brokers is a green real estate brokerage specializing in the listing and sales of eco-friendly homes and commercial buildings. Responsible Home Brokers provides in-depth knowledge of the green market in terms of real estate, enabling individuals, families and businesses to live and work in quality environments.

  • 2/1/06 January

    New Investment Account For Digitall Network

    As a result of Digitall’s clear focus on technology to improve daily living, the Variant Group LLC has invested an escrow account of $20 million, effective January 1, 2006, to power the initiatives of Digitall’s growing network of companies. This investment fund will be overseen and allocated by Digitall as emerging opportunities present.

  • 1/7/08 July

    Digitall Network Expands To Transportation Industry

    Digitall is proud to welcome RoboMovers to our customer companies network. RoboMovers is a leader in designing and manufacturing prototype vehicles and methods of transportation fueled by clean energy sources. Located in Zurich, Switzerland, RoboMovers is leveraging existing designs to develop innovative and potentially industry-changing transportation.

  • 12/10/12 October

    Baumquist Joins Digitall As Controller

    Alan Baumquist, formerly the Controller for Digitall, has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer and  Senior Analyst. In this unusual combination of responsibilities, Alan conducts investment analysis and handles due diligence on opportunities for our client portfolios, as well as supports asset allocation, compliance to financial standards and budget processes. He also serves the Eastern Board Conservancy as an Administrator of the Trust.

  • 1/12/15 December

    Merger With Acme Space Ltd Is Official

    The leading edge of technology is in aerospace; accordingly, Acme Space Ltd has merged with Digitall to expand our customer portfolio in the area of international cosmic technology. While the operational specifics of the new company are still being determined, the company’s previous co-owner, Joshua Singh, is welcomed as Digitall’s new Chief Information Officer. Additionally, he will be responsible for risk management, operational processes and equipment as the Compliance Officer as well. Joshua’s Master’s degree in technology is from Bistauk University, with an MBA from Royal Cornwall University and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Rajestan Mayor University.