Digitall is a global network of leading companies with a united focus on improving everyday living through ‘clean’ technology. Our portfolio includes major energy networks, leaders in eco-friendly real estate, transportation and media. We also hold a diverse group of companies across numerous disciplines that are using digital technology to innovate their industries, including clean manufacturing, next-generation fuels, healthcare innovations, invention prototyping and dry cleaning.

Our Story

Digitall came to be in 2005 as a result of committed individuals with resources who decided to pool their efforts to make the world better by forming, and then expanding, a holding company to make key decisions from a larger perspective. We do the due diligence, dig into the foundations of our companies and report our findings with as much detail as possible to our investors. Digitall digs in to get the bits and bytes, possibilities and pitfalls, and makes recommendations on behalf of our investors to our companies. We consider ourselves to be a service organization that supports our companies in doing what they do even better. 

Our Heritage

There are things that do not matter to Digitall: fancy offices, big titles, martini lunches (although we do appreciate anything with Chiavetti’s Sauce!). We have found that people say they are not interested in such things but, secretly, they covet them just a little bit. That is perfectly fine but it means they are not likely to find Digitall a good match over time. We at Digitall recognize what got us here today - persistence, intelligence and an open willingness to explore new technologies - and we like exploring how to leverage that for people to live better lives. Maybe we need to get out a little more but we give our all every day and know it is making a bigger difference than we can ever know. 


Technology is no longer an interesting toy to play with; instead, technology is the basis of today’s economy. Nearly every person is connected digitally or uses technology at some point every day (including the automatic doors at the grocery or using a smartphone). With that kind of usership for technology, the potential to change daily living is exponential. Responsible development of next-generation technologies is the most significant focus we can have to help more people live better sooner. Digitall, through our visionary leaders, helps make that innovation happen through our family of companies in fresh and exciting ways. 


Technology is a mainstay of everyday living. By designing technology to provide frictionless, eco-friendly living, people have more energy to do what really matters for their quality of life and our environment retains more natural resources for the health of our planet. Let this video inspire you to consider your life and health through the lens of technology. Then be sure to visit one of our companies to support business owners who are combining technology in new ways for your best life. 
portrait-julie-hegebottom.jpg (Seriously confident)

"Leveraging technology is our best future today."
- Julie Hegebottom, CEO