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Our goals for the environment include

Developing enough clean energy sources to fuel 20% of U.S. power needs.

Finding new modes of transportation fueled by clean energy to take one million cars off freeways in the next 18 months.

Helping 1,000 families move into eco-friendly homes to improve physical wellness and energy conservation efforts.

Supporting next-generation fuel development initiatives to reclaim at least 70% of waste in ten major U.S. cities over the next five years. 

Sharing truthful media about global warming, terra-engineering and ocean re-gentrification to educate the public about what they need to know and engage them in protecting our natural resources.


Clean Energy &


Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our Current Initiatives

World Transportation Summit Sponsorship
This global event brings together the best and brightest designers in a think-tank environment to consider innovations in transportation, opportunities for new fuel sources and collaborative ventures. A summary report is prepared for the President to read at the next World Gathering. 

Personal submarines were once considered a viable product to develop. 

Developing Green Housing
In partnership with corporate sponsors and the Green Building Council, Digitall has committed to building 25 new eco-friendly homes in the next 12 months. Energy-aware construction saves more than 25% of typical energy needs for a family of four. 

Did you know…
This year it is estimated that 40-48 percent of new nonresidential construction will be green, equating to a $120-145 billion opportunity.

Healthy Planet Advocacy
Digitall has committed to spearheading an initiative to inform the general public about the impacts of daily living on our planet. Accordingly, we are pleased to have invested in two media companies for our portfolio. As new issues present, ad-hoc committees of our customers and company leaders are formed to go to Washington, D.C. to present the facts. Our focus areas are: wildlife, preserving open land and ocean biology. 

“We should be evolving into a new age of business with a worldview that maintains one simple proposition—that all of nature: humans, animals, earth, are interconnected and interdependent.”
-- Anita Roddick

Digital is committed in investing for people, for our future and for what is possible in the highest quality of life through technology. Our companies worldwide are focused on three key areas of giving: Food For Change, Healthy Families and Clean Air.

Food For Change
Food, in general, no longer contains the nutrients it did just 100 years ago. Through our Organi-Food Network, Digitall is committed to supporting 2,500 people in inner-city dwellings to have access to healthy, nutritious, natural food. We believe this has the power to change economic status, decrease insurance claims and create a ‘ripple effect’ of healthy living throughout the influence circles of these individuals. In other words, helping one person at a time to eat healthier will reach potentially thousands in eating cleaner and feeling better. To date, Digitall has directly helped nearly 20,000 people to eat healthier. 

Did you know…
During the Great Depression, national unemployment rose to 24% while employment within the co-op sector increased by 17%. 

Healthy Families
Healthy people have a strong support system. This can be through biological or chosen families; the critical key to success is every person feels supported by having a family to help them in life. Digitall partners with local community organization to identify individuals and families that would do better by having an eco-friendly environment or a smart vehicle and then donates that item in the interest of improving work and / or school performance. So far, Digitall has been able to donate nine new homes and twelve new vehicles to support families in being stronger. 

The intact family appears to offer a myriad of benefits for adults and children. The married home tends to provide a safer and healthier home environment. 

Clean Air Now
Having clean air to breathe is a basic human right. With the increase in vehicles, manufacturing and environmental toxins in today’s living environments, we must all take responsibility for preserving air quality. Digitall supports clean air by offering free training to facility and vehicle manufacturing professionals to show them alternative fuel sources that do not pollute the air. 
As of last year, Digitall has donated more than $100,000 in training programs to more than 245,000 professionals.

I'm a monomaniac with one goal: clean air from clean energy.
Sam Wyly



One touch of nature makes the whole world kin


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